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Travel Vaccinations

If you are traveling abroad, your destination may require that you receive a vaccine or medicine to prevent harmful viruses and diseases. Our urgent care center offers an array of Travel Vaccinations and Medications to ensure that you and your family are ready for your trip. We set up a customized immunization program based on the information you provide.

To save some time please fill out the travel vaccination questionnaire below and then book an appointment online.

Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)
Your Destination
Dates of Tip
Purpose of your trip
Are you currently treated for any medical problems
Have you has a significant medical problem in the past
Could you be pregnant?
Are you staying mostly in cities/tourist destinations
Are you going to spend time in a rural area
Are you going to spend time above 5000 ft
Are you going to work in the foreign country
Are you allergic to eggs or chicken products
Have you has any hypersensitivity or reaction to vaccinations
Have you had Guillain-Barre Syndrome
Have you had all of your childhood vaccinations
Have you had tetanus/diphtheria vaccination in the last 10 years
Have you had measles vaccination (2 shots)
Have you had polio vaccination as an adult
Have you had hepatitis A vaccination (2 shots)
Have you had hepatitis B vaccination (3 shots)
Have you had meningitis vaccination in the past 3 years
Have you had typhoid vaccination in the past 2 yeats (if injected), or in the past 5 years (if oral)
Have you had yellow fever vaccination in the past 10 years
Have you had Japanese encephalitis vaccination in the past 2 years
List current or previous significant medical conditions
List current medications